Rutes » Sant Bartomeu

Begin at the river starting point and after
crossing the LV-4241b (leaving the Cabana
del Geli neighbourhood) find a path on the
left that goes up a little street with stairs.
Going straight on, head for Sant Bartomeu
A few metres after the beginning of the
path, take another one with fields and
farmhouses on both sides that create the
peculiar landscape of this area. Further on,
take a narrow steep path that goes up next
to the house Mas ben Serè. At the top
cross a little wood and upon exiting, pass a
house on the right and take a narrow rocky
path on the left. Continue up until the
summit is reached. Little by little you will
discover interesting panorama views of
Solsona and the southern part of the
Solsonès region. At the top there is the
Sant Bartomeu cave, it is a small soil
cavity surrounded by stone blocks of large
Begin the descent at the highest place of
the summit, behind the cave. Cross the
woods until you reach a forest track. Leave
this one, to take another that goes down on
the left to a meadow. Continue down until
you get to a path, which will lead to the
Catalonia Forestry technological centre
(CTFC) tarmac road. Go past the car park.
Then take the road to the left and find the
path where the route started, follow it back
to the beginning.

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  • Durée: 1 h. 45 min.
  • Distance: 6,5 km.
  • Dénivellement: 211 m.
  • Dificultat: