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Afrau Bridge

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“From the city to the forest: searching for water”


With this route we will discover the agroforestry landscape in the surroundings of Solsona, following a trail that goes through pine woods, poplars, ashes and other species. This trail follows a part of the course of the Black river, and we get to see shady areas perfect for birds, small mammals and amphibians. A territory so pure that allows the presence of animals like the salamander. Halfway through the route we reach its finest spot: the Afrau Bridge, a monumental aqueduct more than 27 meters tall 60 meters long built in the 18th century. This great work used to take water from Lladurs to Solsona.


Solsona is the starting point of this route (where the Black river and the Pallarès ravine meet). In fact, we need to follow the course of the Black river until we reach the monumental aqueduct that gives name to this route. We start by heading towards the Cabana del Geli urbanization, where we leave behind the city and follow a stream which is especially wild and wooded: a route that takes us from the city to the heart of the forest. Immediately after, we find the Corb Fountain, which allows us to replenish our water supplies. This section takes place in well preserved and well structured riverside woods, where we can see oaks, pines and cherry trees.

We get to an intersection where two small streams converge (1): we take the one on the left (Cirera ditch). At this point, after some fields, is when the two sides of the stream get progressively higher. We keep following the river, crossing it in more then one occasion. The trees get taller and it becomes harder and harder to see as the undergrowth gets thicker until suddenly we can see the majestic aqueduct, the Afrau Bridge. This 27 meter-tall building dates from the 18th century and it used to bring water from Lladurs all the way down to Solsona. Trees and human work blend in a unique and harmonious way. Although it is meant for people who walk this route to visit the foundations of the aqueduct, it is also possible to visit the top of the building. However, crossing it is not recommended because of how dangerous it is.

We cross the stream under the bridge and walk up a short but steep shady slope. The route continues in the forest, where wooden stakes show us the right path. We continue until we reach Cal Billot. From then on, we take a road (2) that will take us to Solsona, all while crossing agricultural areas that will allow us to see a good diversity of birds. Finally, we reach Creu Blanca, which is the end of the route.

Information and downloads

  • Duration: 2 h.
  • Distance: 7,7 km.
  • Accumulated height: 92 m.
  • Dificultat: