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“A unique landscape”

Sant Bartomeu has Mediterranean features and it is surrounded by other hills and big areas of crop fields. It’s one of the first mountains of the Pre-Pyrenees after the flat landscapes in the central region of Catalonia. Over 850 meters above sea level, Sant Bartomeu served as a watchtower for Solsona and is a natural space rich in biodiversity. This itinerary allows us to see a diversity of interesting habitats. This is the easiest and most accessible way to climb a hilltop from Solsona.


Solsona is the starting point of this route (where the Black river and the Pallarès ravine meet). From there we follow the former until Pallars street (1), where we take a turn and cross Sant Llorenç road. We get past a concrete wall on our left while climbing some stairs (2). After that  we walk past a house yard and go up a trail that goes across some fields north of El Vinyet, and then on until we reach the Mas Vent Serè crossing. Left of the entrance to Mas Vent Serè, we take a trail that climbs Sant Bartomeu. It’s a stony and narrow trail that will take us to a plateau. There we find a building and a crossing, along with a wooden milestone that indicates the next trail we have to take (3) to get to the hilltop. There we find a cave where we can rest and enjoy a unique landscape from a panoramic view point. A Mediterranean environment where we get to see the likes of species such as the kermes oak (Quercus coccifera) or the Dartford warbler (Sylvia undata).

From then on, we follow the only trail there is, which goes down the shady side of the hill until it reaches a forest track (4). At that point, we need to get on another trail that will take us to another track, which will slowly descend to some fields. From there we get to a pine forest right behind Càmping El Solsonès and we follow it to the right. Once we leave the Camping, cross the road and follow the path we found passing trought the Cabana Blanca, until we reach the Ribera. We have to follow the Ribera in direction of Solsona to return to the starting point through a track which is easy and correctly signposted, passing by the Font del Corb.


Information and downloads

  • Duration: 1 h. 45 min.
  • Distance: 6,6 km.
  • Accumulated height: 224 m.
  • Dificultat: