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Els Tres Tombs on Sant Antoni’s day

20-21 January

A celebration in honour of the patron Saint of the carters (mule and cart drivers), Saint Anthony was invocated to heal and protect animals, particularly pigs and horses. Without a doubt, the Sant Antoni and the Tres Tombs celebrations preserve both a tradition and nostalgic claim, but they are also an effort to preserve deep-rooted customs and traditions. Carrying merchandise and working the land have never been easy jobs, and the men who have made their living out of this, have left their mark on us.

The celebrations are organised the weekend after the day of Saint Anthony by the Cofestes (Committee of Fairs and Celebrations of Sant Antoni Abat in the Solsonès region), and they include a series of events which are basically held on Saturday: mass in the cathedral, parade, blessing and the Tres Tombs parade. The gymkhana and horse races are held at midday, with worthy prizes, and there is a meal and dancing in the evening.