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Sant Isidre Fair

The Sant Isidre Fair in Solsona used to be the definitive day in the farmer’s calender for buying and selling animals. It still maintains this essential tradition, and has also grown into a fully-fledged, all-round fair.

The number of exhibitors increases every year, making the Sant Isidre Fair in Solsona a veritable platform of promotion for its increasingly demanding, numerous and selective public. Top of the range farming machinery has a preferential point of display next to the cattle section, so as to guarantee the well-deserved importance of the farming community, which has made the Solsonès region what it is today.

This essentially rural scene stands out against the rest of the event, which is promoted as another form of family entertainment, with attractive attractions for children, and entertaining activities for adults too.

11-12 May 2024

For further information, please consult: firadesolsona.com/santisidre/