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Trumfo potato Fair and Wine Festival

Every year in the second weekend in March, this peculiar gastronomical event is held, the trumfo and truffle fair.

2-3rd March 2024

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“Trumfo” is another word for potato. Historically, the Solsonès region has been the potato planting area for other regions. Although the “Kennebec” variety is the most productive, the “buffet” potato is the most prestigious, with inward facing eyes and severely marked grooves.

The other gastronomic root vegetable that is the star of the fair is the truffle, which is highly rated for both eating and using as a condiment, particularly because of its rich aroma. In the Solsonès region there is the winter truffle, the black “tuber melanosporum”, which is the most prestigious, and the summer or white truffle “tuber aestivum”, which is lighter inside. They have a completely different taste, aroma and price… It is said that the black truffle can be as expensive as gold!

In the Main Square, the Trumfo and Truffle Fair is an opportunity for people to buy produce directly from the Solsonès farmers, but it is also a general fair. At the same time, the Wine Festival is celebrated and in Plaça del Camp you can enjoy a glass of wine together with a tapa.

For further information, please consult www.firadesolsona.com