Walking & hiking routes in Solsona

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Map of routes

The surroundings of Solsona, known by the name of Vinyet, preserve a mosaic of forests, fields, farmhouses and dry-stone walls. We offer a combination of low difficulty routes which can be done on foot or by bike and which are suitable for all family members. They are a healthy way to discover beautiful landscapes and unique corners.

They are signposted and bidirectional, you get to choose which way to go. You can walk the whole route or only part of it; you can combine them as it suits you depending on your level of fitness. There is information for each route as far as difficulty, length, and times it takes to complete are concerned. In the Mare de la Font route there are several fountains; it’s a perfect spot to eat with your family and play with the kids. At La Mina Park, there is a space where you can do toning and psychomotor exercises, as well as a botanical itinerary.

It is important to respect and preserve the environment, to use garbage cans and to choose the shady routes when it’s really hot.

Mountain biking. There are 7 signposted routes for mountain biking around Solsona:

Mapa rutes en BTT a l’entorn de Solsona

BTT_Volta al pantà de Sant Ponç

BTT_Solsona_la circular

BTT_Solsona_Mare de la Font_Castellvell_Brics


BTT_Solsona_pantà de Sant Ponç

BTT_Solsona_Pont de l’Afrau

BTT_Solsona_Torre de Riner